Your CRM,
but better.

LeadStages is a simple CRM system that helps you get stuff done, quicker. Manage opportunities, calendars, email & sms automations, for an unlimited number of team members for one price.

Manage Multiple Pipelines

Each Pipeline can have it's own set of automations. Set things up once, and they will run forever.

Whitelabel Messaging

Use our default email and text system, or plug in your own Mailgun / Twilio credentials for full control.

Get More Done

You and your team can manage any number of opportunities across any number of pipelines.

A CRM for sales people, built by sales people.

We were tired of the way other CRM's worked (or didn't), so we built our own. We are a team of entrepreneurs who are sales people at heart. We're here to help you and your whole team get up and running in minutes.

  • A growing library of pre-built automations

  • No limit on contacts, or team members

  • Real-time search across multiple Pipelines